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TLC Reliable Services in NYC
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Don’t want to deal with the stress of managing your own TLC vehicle or having your Green Taxi Permit? Let us do it for you.Lease us your Vehicle/Green Taxi Permit and we will take care of the rest.

FInd a driver in NYC

Find a Driver

Having a hard time to finding a driver for your TLC vehicle? Taxiland will help you find a driver and work with you closely in the process of setting up the driver through negotiating pricing, contract services, and more.

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We offer Workers Compensation Insurance for Green Taxi, Yellow Taxi, Black cars and Car Service. Please contact one of our agents today to receive a quick.

Taxiland Brokerage, a taxi insurance company situated in the hub of New York, provides services for the New York taxi community. We have expertise in Taxi and Limousine industry, offering TLC NYC insurance brokerage services, liability insurance services, leasing, managing TLC vehicles, and workers compensation coverage programs. Here at Taxiland Brokerage, a TLC vehicle owner can find the perfect taxi driver and a taxi driver finds a perfect taxi.

Taxiland offers TLC insurance brokerage with competitive and affordable rates with free quote. With years of experience, reliable services and the dedicated team, we become one of the New York’s leading insurance broker companies. Taxi drivers and taxi owners can get a satisfactory work environment while performing their duties through auto insurance, liability insurance and affordable car insurance premium. Workers compensation highlights the suitable insurance premium to cover Green taxis, Yellow taxis and Black cars. This service provides great help and support to the taxi drivers, as they can comfortably performs their responsibilities. Leasing and managing TLC vehicle has become difficult for taxi owners and taxi drivers, so we our committed team will manage your vehicle and handle leasing deals. We also provide claim services to taxi drivers. Drivers can avail these services and report a claim in case if they face accident or any other unexpected event or situation. We will give full cooperation and guidance in this regard. We also provide services to taxi owners with which they can easily find the right and suitable driver for their taxi, as per their needs and requirements. We help taxi drivers to find the right taxi business owner, so that they can easily find the means to earn their living.

We have committed team to provide all services with full dedication so we attain our goal - Customers Satisfaction.