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Shaykh Dr. Nadeem-Qureshi

About Shaykh Dr. Nadeem Qureshi

He has specialized in the field of pediatric medicine and is currently practising in New York. He has also completed his traditional Islamic education of Dars e Nizami from Multan, Pakistan. He has dedicated himself for his spiritual development in the company of Hazrat Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad damat barakatahum who granted him Ijazah in the Naqshbandi Tariqah. He travels in many states and his live lectures are mostly available on Tawwabeen Broadcast and through teleconference for listeners. Currently he is helping the community by providing following services under the name of “Tawwabeen Foundation Inc”.

Tawwabeen Spirituality: Is an opportunity to learn traditional Islamic science of spirituality and self-improvement by joining the authentic chain of Mashaikh and performing Zikr regularly according to Quran and Hadeeth. This improves your ibadaat and character by making it easier to follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW and achieving the Raza’ of Allah Subhanahu wa Talla.

Tawwabeen Hajj:Hajj is a pillar of Islam which is mandatory upon every Muslim. Recommendations are to join the best company for this journey. Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Qureshi leads a comfortable & economical Hajj group every year. Perform rituals according to Sunnah and stay in the remembrance of Allah as well. Services are arranged by Caravan Hajj Inc. Fully guided & supervised by volunteers. Please call (516) 828-8222 and register now at www.tawwabeen.org

Almuallim Islamic Learning Center Under this division following courses are being offered. Al Quran is meant to help in learning, recitation and memorization of Quran according to rules of tajweed; one-to- one at your convenience with a live teacher for ages 7 & above. Islahi Nisab is taught separately to men and women of ages 16 & above in Urdu on Webinar. Ilm e Campus is a Dars e Nizami course to become an Aalim for men and women ages 13 & above. Classes are one-to-one by authentic Ulama on Skype. Islamic Learning is in English for children 7 years & above taught by local teachers on Webinar divided into different levels & time schedules. Conversational Arabic is to learn how to speak the Arabic Language by authentic teachers on Webinar. The above mentioned are only some of the beneficial courses offered. For more information please do not hesitate to call us at (516) 828-8222 or visit www.almuallim.org

Tawwabeen After Care Burial of a Muslim is a Farz e Kifaya for all Muslims. Following services are offered by Tawwabeen under this division. Grief recovery, Grave Plots NY & NJ, Inheritance calculation, Will and estate planning, Sponsor a funeral program. Please participate generously to help the needy and unclaimed bodies through Zakat, Sadaqat and Khairat money.

Tawwabeen Broadcast Live and recorded Bayanat of several Ulama and Mashaikh are broadcasted online 24 hour a day. This broadcast also airs Quranic recitations, Tafseer ul Quran, Manajaat and Almuallim student activites. Please benefit from this special service and make dua for all volunteers. To listen programs, click Broadcast on www.tawwabeen.org