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Allahumma salli Ala Sayyedina Muhammadinw wa ala ali Sayyedina wa ala alae sayyedina wa barik wa sallim. 

O Allah (SWT) please:

1) Have mercy upon me for the sake of Your Noble Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (SAW).

2) Hadrat Siddiq-e-Akbar  was the Khalifah of our Prophet a. Give me light and guidance for his sake.

3) Hadrat Salman al-Farsi  was entered into the Ahl-e-Bait. Give me Your Love for his sake.

4) Hadrat Qasim was the grandson of Siddiq. Give this beggar knowledge for his sake.

5) Hadrat Khwaja Jafar Sadiq  was the Imam of his time. Have mercy on me for the sake of this great imam.

6)  Qutb-e-Alam Ghaus-e-Azam   Shaykh  Akbar  Bayazeed  came  soon  after.  Grant  me steadfastness for his sake.

7) Khwaja Hadrat Bu’al-Hasan lived in Kharkan. Please lighten my asbak for this bridge of humanity.

8) Hadrat Khwaja Abul Qasim lived in Gargan. May we have pleasure in dhikr for his sake.

9) Shaykh Alim Khwaja Hadrat Bu’Ali  was of the land of Farmad. Give me true deeds for the sake of the auliya.

10) Hadrat Khwaja Abu Yusuf  was from Hamdam. May we have knowledge and wisdom for the sake of the steadfast.

11) Khwaja Abdul Khaliq  was of Gajadwan. Give us true desire for the sake of this khwaja of the world.

12) Hadrat Khwaja Muhammad Arif  was from Allah’s (SWT) Seat.  Give us wisdom for the sake of the God-fearing.

13) Khwaja Mehmood  was the seed of purity, and may our lives be as pure for his sake.

14) Hadrat Khwaja Azizane Ali  was a pillar of strength: may his name be exalted.

15) Hadrat Baba Samasi  was a lover of Allah (SWT). May our hearts burst aflame with love like this ashiq.

16) Hadrat Shah Kalal  was the pillar of the God-fearing. May the nafs be as subdued for the sake of such a champion.

17) Pir Piran-e-Shaykh Khwaja Hadrat Naqshband  used to engrave Allah’s u Name in hearts. May Allah’s u Name be captured within our hearts.

18) May our hearts be purified like that of Hadrat Khwaja Ala’uddin.

19) Hadrat Yaqub Charkhi  was a lover of the Holy Quran. May laziness and forgetfulness be rid for the sake of his love.

20) May our wrongs be forgiven for the sake of the genuis who was Hadrat Khwaja Ubaidullah.

21) Khwaja Maulana Muhammad Zahid  was the enlightenment of ideals.  Make us zahid for the sake of the Ahl-e-Dua.

22) Make us dervish among the hidden like Khwaja Dervish Muhammad Shah.

23) Khwaja Amkangi Muhammad Mazhar  was the truth of mysteries. Open Your mysteries to us for Your sake.

24) Make me worthy of the mysteries for the sake of auliya like Hadrat Khwaja Muhammad Baqibillah.

25) Clean my heart for the sake of the clean hearted like Hadrat Khwaja Mujaddid Alf-Thani.

26) Give us perfection for the sake of the perfect, like Arwat ul Wusqa Muhammad Khwaja Masoom.

27) Khwaja Saifuddin  was of the People of the sword.

28) How beautiful was Hadrat Hafiz Muhammad Muhsin ! May our zahir and batin be just as beautiful.

29) Khwaja Sayed Nur Muhammad  was the light from Light. Fill our hearts with light for the sake of this light.

30) Mirza Mazhar Janejana  was the beloved shaheed. Keep me upon the shariah for this Pir of guidance.

31) Hadrat Khwaja Ghulam Ali was the Mujaddid of Delhi. Make me among the Chosen for the sake of this Chosen one.

32) May I attain perfection like the People of Bounty such as Qutb-e-Dawran Hadrat Shah Bu- Saeed.

33) Hadrat Ahmed Sa’eed  became a Madinite from Delhi. Grant me Your desire and want for such humble people.

34) Hadrat Haji Dost Muhammad was a man extremely virtuous. Grant us chastity for such people’s sake.

35) Hadrat Uthman Damani was the Qutb of his time. May our nafs be rid of desires for the sake of the Ahl-e-Ijtaba (Chosen).

36) Hadrat Khwaja Sirajuddin was of a high status. Enlighten the heart for the sake of such a light.

37) Have mercy on us for the sake of Shah Taj Auliya Fazal Ali Miskeenpuri.

38) Khwaja Abdul Malik Siddiqui was the Imam of Auliya. Forgive us all for the sake of such a benefactor.

39) Hadrat Habib drank from the Cup of Tawheed. May our desires be erased for Your sake.

40) Hadrat Zulfiqar Ahmed (db) stays desirous of meeting his beloved. Grant us Your Union for the sake of all Auliya.

O Allah u, please accept every lawful dua for the blessed sake of these chaste names. Grant us Your unlimited mercy for their sake.